Friday, November 9, 2007

Excerpt from - The Sentinel - Flash

As a newbie to AMP’s Flash Friday I thought I’d take the low-keyed, cautious route and write about my dog. Or maybe my cup collection. Hey, or watching Kudzu grow. After a little consideration – this is what I came up with:

All rights reserved - Roscoe James - 2007

Who is this strange man, she thought, as she sucked his fingers gently. Obviously a strong and powerful man, yet so tender and giving. Pulling his hand away from her mouth, she guided it to her breast, her fingers gently closed around his as they pinched her swollen nipple together.

Her head tilted and she found the shallow valley of his chest hidden in the V of his shirt where she kissed, her tongue coming out to play as she felt his hand find its own initiative, pulling and teasing.

Looking up, she was startled by his stare as his eyes found hers. She could see the conflict, yet felt overwhelmed by the desire that lurked behind his half closed eyelids.

“Take me,” she whispered huskily.

His hands were warm. Gentle insistence pulled her shoulders until she moved up his body. Opening her thighs, she straddled his hips; her mouth hovered over his, their breath mingled, as his hands slid around her shoulders and down her back.

Sitting on his lap, the hard bulge of his pants made her moan, “Yes.”

Looking between them, she found his belt buckle and brought a hand down, pulling on the thick leather end, extracting it from a pants loop. Her eyes came up and watched his, as the belt finally fell free, exposing the button above his zipper.

Her lips fell gently on his as the button came free. Finding the zipper, she pushed it down as his tongue danced across her lips.

She wasn’t sure, but she thought he said, “Yes,” into her mouth as her hand pushed down the waistband of his white briefs, her fingernails raking across the dark matt of hair, digging until they found the skin beneath.

He pushed her back, leaned away from the headboard and quickly pulled his shirt up, over his head throwing it off the bed. It happened quickly. For a few seconds she was scared as he grabbed her shoulders and rolled her to the side. She found herself on her back, his head below her chin, kissing between her breasts.

Her hands fell on his broad back and she marveled at how hard his entire body was. His thighs forced her to open as he found a nipple with his mouth, and looked up at her as he sucked. Her body responded as her other nipple swelled, her fingers curled and her nails dug into his back enough to elicit a moan around her red swollen nub.

Suddenly her wet nipple felt cold and abandoned. His head receded, his tongue dancing across her skin as he scooted down her body, his hands danced down her thighs and found her knees. His wet tongue probed the depths of her navel as his hands tugged her knees, urging them up and out.

God, she thought, I’m so wet, I can feel it, as she felt it run between the cheeks of her ass. It quickly became more intimate than she’d imagined as he started moving down again, shifting his broad shoulders as they passed between her thighs.

Closing her eyes, she focused on the wet trail of his tongue as it played in her neatly trimmed pubic patch. Then it was gone. She felt the mattress shift and sag, her hands searched blindly for the top of his head and she panted in anticipation.

Then she felt it. His tongue was pressed flat, broad across her wet slit, pushing, probing, in search of something. Her eyes opened wide when he found his goal and sucked. She could feel a finger tracing, pressing, just below his chin, and her fingers twisted in his hair, pulling slightly, his tongue finally parting her lips, licking deep, pulling her thick nectar out where he pushed it hard against her clit.

“Ummmm,” her toes curled and waved in the air, the muscles in her thighs tightened as she felt a finger press in, opening her, pressing deep.

Closing her eyes, she pulled on his hair as he sucked hard before sending his tongue on another fervent mission of discovery.

A second finger joined the first and she writhed slightly as she was opened more.

Her breath caught as he sucked and nibbled. He’d found a slow, steady rhythm that was shoving her, ever closer, to the edge.

She was lost. There was no killer to catch, no office to run, no fake Lisa, and certainly, no stranger in her bed doing these things to her. This man, this complex animal that knew her better than she knew herself. At that moment, she knew she’d do anything he asked. Anything he demanded. And she hoped he would.

Then he was gone. The bed shifted, she heard a grunt and the rustle of clothing as her thighs started to relax, her feet coming down slowly to find the mattress, and a small whimper pushed forth.

His mouth was wet with her essence as he pressed it against her mouth. His tongue tasted different as he forced it in. His broad chest trapped her breasts between them; her swollen nipples sent small jolts through her body as his weight pressed down.

She thought she knew what she was saying when she invited him to take her. She had wanted him then, as she’d used her naked body as an enticement. She thought she’d known what want was. But now, with his body pressing, penning her to the bed, his small moans as he sucked the end of her tongue, now she knew what want really was.

Her body ached with need. Her hands pushed and urged, unable to budge or change the course of events. Then he pushed up on both arms, planted them firmly, penning her arms at her side. Opening her eyes she found him looking down at her. Her mouth was slick, waiting for his to return. His hips shifted, pressing her thighs apart, her eyes widened and her mouth snapped shut as her want was quenched.

His eyes never wavered as he pressed in, parting her, finding that most intimate of touches as he did as she’d asked, and took her.

“Yes,” she said, her voice low and husky.

Once buried, he dipped his head and kissed her passionately. Raising his head, he found his rhythm. Bringing her legs up, she wrapped them around his waist as they melded, becoming one.

She pulled and clung to him as he continued to push away from the bed with his powerful arms, his hips penning her bottom to the bed.

Her mouth opened as she struggled to breath. She could feel it happening, radiating. Starting below her stomach, it spread steadily up like a flush.

“Now,” she urged again, as she noted the determined look on his face, his jaw set, his eyes burning as he continued to invade her.

“Fuck,” he replied, as he finally let his chest drop on hers, pressing hard into her breasts, his feet clawing for traction, his head buried beside hers on the pillow.

Then her world, her being, exploded as she writhed and convulsed beneath him.

“God!” he yelled and she felt a sudden rush of wetness as he filled her, his body still driving, pushing, pressing.


Maura Anderson said...

ooooh - very NICE....

Welcome to Friday Flash Fiction, too!!!

Roscoe James said...

Don't think the kudzu would have been better?

Michelle Hasker said...

Very nice ;)
Welcome to Flash :D

Anonymous said...

Oh My! Hon, this was HOT!!! You are a shining talent. Welcome to flash fiction. Hope you had fun and I can't wait to check back on Friday.

Roscoe James said...

Thanks. Entirely too kind (Hey jerk, hold the applause sign up higher).

Rhian said...

fanning self! whew!
you are so damn good at the Flashing. gives a gal goosebumps it does.

Pearl X Jones said...

Hel-lo, sailor! 'bout as quick as kudzu, that, but much tastier.