Monday, July 21, 2008

The White Swan - Goes Live Today

Nash Fross, shipping magnate and dreamer, takes more satisfaction from the tomes of Mark Twain than from quarterly reports and bottom lines. His greatest joy in life is the White Swan – the biggest riverboat ever built – and he has a secret.

Teresa Holloway, freelance reporter and Pulitzer anointed, has set off on the White Swan for the cruise of her life in pursuit of the story of her career. A story of pirate’s booty and a modern day shipping magnate with more than just skeletons in his closet.

The bloodline of Nash Fross proves even more dangerous than the eddies and currents of the wide Mississippi, and Teresa Holloway’s piloting skills are put to the test. But charting a course through the black waters of her own heart proves even more dangerous.

These two are caught up in a pirate’s tale where something more valuable than gold is at stake. The ocean where the battle takes place is a past well hidden and neither gives quarter in their quest for the prize… Love

My second book - The White Swan - goes live this evening at

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The White Swan - Release Date

Two things. I have a release date for The White Swan (blurb in sidebar). July 21st The White Swan, second in the Mississippi River Tales series, will be released at Liquid Silver Books. You'll find it live after 6 PM.

I also wanted to let everyone know I'll be gone for a week. Back on the 19th - in time to set up the release party.


Have fun.

Roscoe James