Thursday, November 8, 2007

Let’s talk romance. One of the things I love about Mexico (LatAm in general) is the music. They truly do have a corner on the market of romantic music. For $100 dollars you can hire the services of a trio (three guitars and three male voices) to perform at your house, an office party, a celebration, whatever, and their forte is romance songs.

One of my personal favorites is ‘Contigo Aprendi’ (With You I Learned). The all-time-best performance is by Louis Miguel on his Romance CD. I highly recommend both of them (there’s a second Romance). I picked up Alejandro Fernandez for you ladies because this guy could easily be the next hero in one of your books.

With you I learned
There are new and better emotions
With you I learned
To know a world of new hope
I learned the week has more than seven days
… to focus on my happiness
… I’ve already said I learned with you

Not the whole thing but it will give you an idea.


Rhian said...

very nice.

Lisa Andel said...

Sorry, not into that kind of music. Did wonder about the guy playing the wooden box in the video though.

Rhian said...

hey - you put me in your links! squeeeeeee!thanks A-man.
(sorry - too tired to spell it all out.)