Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Read Something Different… Bastina’s Necklace

RJ_GLP_BastinasNecklaceThe plan was simple. Evacuate the entire population of a planet orbiting around a dying sun to a terraformed world created just for them by the Galactic League of Planets. At least it was simple until Princess Anleen of Bastina decided the biggest and fastest space vessel ever built could be put to better use. She needed to recover the key to the ancient map. It didn’t matter that the most important relic of the Bastinan people was the good luck charm of an earthling who fancied himself a pirate on the high seas of space and traded in only two things--gold and women. Fair maidens when possible.

When Captain Dirk Roberts, ex-Corporate Space Fleet colonel, now independent space freight hauler--a man who doesn’t always have his papers or his life in order--seeks safe haven at the doomed planet Aznate, he’s only looking for a hot shower, a drink or three at the last spacer bar on the edge of known civilization, and repairs for his ship. What he finds instead is more intriguing than any tale of Blackbeard’s adventures and more beguiling than the fair maiden Guinevere of Arthurian legend.

From a hijacked ark to a plundered heart to the writing of the final Chapter in the ancient children’s fairytale of the legend of Bastina, only Haark, the god of the Bastinan people, knows how the story will end... But that doesn’t stop Princess Anleen from trying to rewrite it.

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Roscoe James

Monday, August 17, 2009

Trying Something New

I have a new laptop and discovered a new program – Windows Live Writer.  So I thought I’d give it a try.  This isn’t just about Live Writer.  I do have a quandary I’d like some help with.  So here ya go.


Do you prefer the romance between the two main characters blooms out of two Alpha personalities that are in each others face, defensive, agressive… blablabla.  Or would you rather have an Alpha/Beta character set for the leads?


That’s really all I have right now.  I think I’ll add a photo just to try it out.

Thanks for dropping by.


Cut pic


Roscoe James