Sunday, November 11, 2007

An Aside for Me - Monday Poetry Train

Certainly not my forte – I do like trying new things. So here you find a few regurgitations for the Goddess’ Poetry Train. One thing though – DO NOT READ UNTIL MONDAY. That said, let me get on with my literary suicide.

Copyright Roscoe James 2007

Celestial Embrace

With moonbeam love,
And starlight sighs,
Comets burn as lovers eyes.
Venus traps us with her guise
Mars our passion, no reprise.

Mercury’s spin is
Full of lust.
Uranus winks and we just blush.
Terra cool and blue will rush
Beneath old Sol to warm our touch.

Dreams of Neptune
In our head
Pluto’s cold will soon be shed.
On Jupiter we make our bed.
With Saturn’s ring…

…I thee wed.

Not over yet... I go for slow agonizing deaths.

Office Angel

A smile, an aside
Coffee in hand
A pout and a giggle
A bright red hair band.

A shoe strap, a button
Glasses in place
The sound of you typing
A soft, gentle grace.

White silk, peeks of lace
A call you must take
Chanel number five
Your bust gently quakes.

A stretch, a soft sigh
Lips red with gloss
Crossing your legs
Blond hair with a toss.

A zipper, high heels
Nails with a shine
Bright emerald eyes
Send chills up my spine.

I think that's enough for the moment.


Jill said...

So, for me, it is monday, I can comment!
I like the mix of the color and planets in the first one.
And I like the way you descrive what I think to be an inconventional angel!

Lisa Andel said...

RJ, that first poem of yours is beyond beautiful. One I'd like to keep, and read again.

The second one ain't so shabby either. :D

Ann said...

RJ- yeah, what Lisa said. I'm speechless, and not just because it's 1:00 am.

Rhian said...

wahooooooo! stop with the coy right now. And Lisa is keeping a copy of your poem. Dude! That's huge compliment. (She secretly hates poetry, but we're slowly acclimating her to it.)

I thought the first poem was funny (but then i'm warped) and the second poem quite wonderful in how it created a very solid, vibrant situation and atmosphere with so few words. Loverly.

okay - now i REALLY do have to get some coffee in me. I'm amazed i was semi-coherent.

gautami tripathy said...

First one is very abstract. The next one is very real.

Infact they complement each other.

Roscoe James said...

Takes a hurried bow and blushes a lot before ripping down all the applause signs. BTW – a few of you aren’t on the payola list but I’ll see what I can do.

Joy Renee said...

i love the word play and imagery in the first one and the second one makes me think of bogart and bacall for some reason. i like its jaunty playfulness.

thanx for visiting

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

I love Celestial poem-Terra blue and cool will rush...just glorious. :)

julia said...

Hi - popping by from Rhian's Poetry Train. 'Celestial Embrace' is my fave, especially:
'On Jupiter we make our bed.
With Saturn’s ring…
…I thee wed.'
Lovely. I like the very particular imagery of 'Office Angel', all the little things about the narrator's crush that make going into work a treat instead of a chore.

Carol said...

Both poems are wonderful but I love the vivid story of the second one and the playful imagery. Carol

STAK said...

i liked them both.........