Thursday, June 19, 2008

Forever's Not Enough - Coming Soon

The debut book in the new series – Galactic League of Planets – by Roscoe James. Look for it soon at Liquid Silver Books. Learn more at Roscoe James’ web site or his MySpace page.

The Madame Ambassador, Princess Peenzan Fanston of the planet
Meline, is on a serious and grave mission. Her planet is under attack by the deadliest and most feared fighters in the galaxy – Zandill death warriors – and she’s come to plead her case before the wealthiest and strongest world of all, The United Corporation of Earth. Well, that was the plan.

Sergeant Hillsborough, known simply as Hill by his fellow troops in the United Corporation Marine Corps, has been given the lowliest assignment a member of the elite corps fighting force could receive, diplomatic protection in one of the safest places in the galaxy: the flagship of the Director of the United Corporation of Earth. Or so he thought.

Bast, goddess of all Meline, has other ideas. Aside from saving Meline from a Machiavellian plot hatched in the hallowed halls of the very United Corporation of Earth Princess Peenzan hopes to appeal to, they both must face the unknown abyss of undeniable predestined love.

In a time when light speed is measured by multiples of hundreds, and venturing to a faraway planet is as easy and quick as stepping into a transporter, the dangers of saving an entire race of people pales in comparison to understanding the who and why of finding love in all the wrong places.

You'll find a excerpt further down the page.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Under Construction

Finally got the mess from the party cleaned up. If you missed it you can still drop down and sign the guest book. My web site is under construction. Concept stage right now. Give it a look and you can leave a comment here.

Roscoe James

The juke has some new tunes. Feel free to pop it out and give a listen. A few bottles left over from the party. Kick back and enjoy yourself.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Book Release Party

Okay. Testing – 1 – 2 – 3. Is this thing working? Right, well, I want to welcome everyone to my little get-together tonight. As you may or may not know my first novel has gone live over at Liquid Silver Books. You’ll find a blurb around here somewhere and be sure to pop-out the juke box and get it going. Take a look at the excerpts from The White Swan, Forever’s Not Enough, and Bastina’s Necklace while you’re here.

And let me say thanks to a few people. Let’s see. My pedicurist. My barber. My maid (not now dear, we’ll check out the new French number a little later). My tailor (right, three more kilts. I’ll need em later tonight). Oh yea, and all the great people at Liquid Silver. Thanks a lot for everything. Couldn’t have done it without you. The checks in the mai…. Oh, sorry, wrong side of the card.

So, we got eats, drinks, music, great reads, a bar for the Coyotes in the crowd, and even Chip n’ Dale for your entertainment! Have a blast. If ya don’t it’s your own fault!


Have a look at the trailer too. And make me your friend at MySpace.

Party Prep

Right. Stack the boxes of champagne in the walk-in. Put the case of Masters behind the bar along with the tequila. Yeah, two bottles of Maker’s at the head of the long table. Clear the bar…


Dancing. Boots. Don’t worry about the top of the bar until someone decides to set their tequila on fire.

Go talk to Gertrude. Tell her I want five pounds of buffalo wings, couple of pales of nachos with that really hot sauce I stashed back there last week, and about fifty pounds of baby backs. What?

No, doesn’t matter. I know their fingers will be sticky. Let’s just say it wouldn’t be a party without sticky fingers.

Oh, and when Chip n’ Dale get here send em around back.

Roscoe James Bio

I thought I'd stick this here for the evening.

Indulge yourself in a sumptuous taste of mystery with a dash of heart pounding thriller. Perhaps a sprinkling of science fiction will be what teases your palate as you feast on Roscoe James' brand of romance. And don't forget the spicy wickedness that makes his stories Hot with a capital "H". Roscoe James (RJ to his adoring fans) writes romance with a delicious twist.

Born along the dusky red banks of the Ohio River, RJ grew up in a sleepy little town in southern Indiana where the sounds of cicadas and whippoorwills marked the arrival of summer and cruising the town square on a Friday night was a rite of passage. From law enforcement to the hallowed corporate halls of two Fortune 500s he draws from a deep well of life experience. With Spanish as his second language and the day-to-day of living in one of the largest cities of culture in the world, RJ infuses his stories with a raw reality that makes the characters memorable forever.

Most days you’ll find RJ sitting at his desk overlooking one of the concrete jungle’s lush city parks trying to dream up new ways to captivate and titillate your imagination ... in the most wicked way possible, of course.


Today is the day! New release day at Liquid Silver Books. My first book will go on sale around 7:30 this evening. I’m having a release party and I hope everyone stops in. It will be a new post above this one. Live for an hour or so. Jukebox is loaded, bar is stocked, and Coyote dancing is the price of admission. Come on by and say hi.