Monday, June 2, 2008

Roscoe James Bio

I thought I'd stick this here for the evening.

Indulge yourself in a sumptuous taste of mystery with a dash of heart pounding thriller. Perhaps a sprinkling of science fiction will be what teases your palate as you feast on Roscoe James' brand of romance. And don't forget the spicy wickedness that makes his stories Hot with a capital "H". Roscoe James (RJ to his adoring fans) writes romance with a delicious twist.

Born along the dusky red banks of the Ohio River, RJ grew up in a sleepy little town in southern Indiana where the sounds of cicadas and whippoorwills marked the arrival of summer and cruising the town square on a Friday night was a rite of passage. From law enforcement to the hallowed corporate halls of two Fortune 500s he draws from a deep well of life experience. With Spanish as his second language and the day-to-day of living in one of the largest cities of culture in the world, RJ infuses his stories with a raw reality that makes the characters memorable forever.

Most days you’ll find RJ sitting at his desk overlooking one of the concrete jungle’s lush city parks trying to dream up new ways to captivate and titillate your imagination ... in the most wicked way possible, of course.


Rhian said...

Wow. i'm really impressed by that bio. i MUST read your book!

Roscoe James said...

Ah, how bout that? I sent my bio out and got pimped. Lol

Rhian said...

ah hell RJ, i told ya i would pimp you last week. {flipping you the bird behind my back}

cus you so... Hot with a capital H!
~cracking up~

Roscoe James said...

lol... yeah, I got a Tiger team to check that one out with a public profile group. They gave it the thumbs up.

lola said...

Con esa bio tengo que leer el libro!!!!