Monday, June 2, 2008

Party Prep

Right. Stack the boxes of champagne in the walk-in. Put the case of Masters behind the bar along with the tequila. Yeah, two bottles of Maker’s at the head of the long table. Clear the bar…


Dancing. Boots. Don’t worry about the top of the bar until someone decides to set their tequila on fire.

Go talk to Gertrude. Tell her I want five pounds of buffalo wings, couple of pales of nachos with that really hot sauce I stashed back there last week, and about fifty pounds of baby backs. What?

No, doesn’t matter. I know their fingers will be sticky. Let’s just say it wouldn’t be a party without sticky fingers.

Oh, and when Chip n’ Dale get here send em around back.


LOLA said...

Parece que llegué muy temprano...
Mejor, así soy primera en la fila de los autógrafos!!
Donde estarán las bebidas??

Roscoe James said...

Hola Lola... muchas thanks!