Monday, January 7, 2008

Zacatecas, Mexico - Where I've been for the last two weeks


Lakota Princess said...

GASP! It's gorgeous!

I'm jealous.
And maybe a little glad the flying monkeys I sent out after you failed to locate you - because it would have been a shame to drag you away from all that beauty.

Ann said...

Awesome pictures. Hope you had a great trip.

Roscoe James said...

Yes it is LP. A little cold though. Zero (C) every night.

Thanks Ann. It was a great place to visit and learn about.

Jill said...

What about my post card?
Zero every night, cold??Have you visit Canada during the winter, RJ?

Roscoe James said...

As best I recall - they actually have heating in Canada and (generally speaking) don't live in concrete buildings. Lol