Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Five Star Review!

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The White Swan

Roscoe James

Contemporary erotic romance

Available from Liquid Silver Books

ISBN: 978-1-59578-458-2

July 2008

Nash Fross, owner of a modified paddle wheel boat is mistaken for a steward by Teresa Holloway, a reporter. Too bad he falls in love and never finds a time to tell her the truth. To make matters more interesting Jean Lafitte and the two loves of his life are detailed in a side story. What could these people almost two hundred years apart have in common?

Roscoe James does his usual fantastic job in this Mississippi River Tales book. I grew up near the Mississippi and appreciate the rich history, awesome vistas and great background information woven into the telling of the tale. The story of Nash and his heritage as direct descendant of Lafitte is done well. Teresa's story of her childhood and travels in war torn worlds as an independent reporter are heartbreaking but give us a better idea of where she's at in her life. The two together are magic, erotic and sizzle with the hot romance.

Even though the author takes a smidgeon of leeway with the timing and history of Jean Lafitte, what he does is even more interesting than reality. We get a whole other sizzling romance with Jean, Catherine and Elizabeth.

The two stories overlap with Nash being a direct descendent of the pirate. Besides that, Teresa is interested in the story of Lafitte's treasure. As is usual when money is involved we get suspense, intrigue and some nasty villains.

This is great romance full of feisty, sexy and interesting characters. The dialogue can be hot, sexy, fun, funny, loving and the good things that make a story feel like reality. The whole book is woven so well this is darned good entertainment.

Overall rating: Five Hearts

Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Dee DaileySeptember 16, 2008

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