Thursday, June 5, 2008

Under Construction

Finally got the mess from the party cleaned up. If you missed it you can still drop down and sign the guest book. My web site is under construction. Concept stage right now. Give it a look and you can leave a comment here.

Roscoe James

The juke has some new tunes. Feel free to pop it out and give a listen. A few bottles left over from the party. Kick back and enjoy yourself.


Kota said...

where ARE you? party has started!

cathouse teri said...

There's another party? I'll have another dirty. Or a beer. Or both.

I LOVE the song I Hope You Dance!
On Valentine's Day a couple of years ago, I sent a copy of that song to each of my kids. They loved it. And they cherish that song.

So I won the book, eh? Coolness!

My email address is
veriveriteri at yahoo.

Can't wait!

Y said...

hiya! sorry i missed the party :-( maybe next time.

Jill said...

Naughty naughty boy! Since when does your site has a caution thing?

Roscoe James said...

Hey Jill and Y... great that you could make it. Sorry you missed the party but there will be more.

Besides, you know me, it's always a party at my place.