Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is a take from one of the local parties for Rhian's Blogoversary. As you can see, they thought 1,175 was a great number. Stop in a take a look today.

Who knows, maybe you won one of the great prizes! Stop on over and check it out.



Rhian said...

have i told you lately you ROCK?

Jill said...

Rhian, I know that he is fun, lately, but is that enough for saying a comment like that??

Roscoe James said...

What's up Jill. I looked for you at the party yesterday. Couldn't find you. Lot of people there.

Naw, Rhian is talking about my driveway. It's gravel. So I guess you could say it rocks.

Jill said...

RJ, were you that drunk?? I've start writting L'Ylliade on you!! But then I have to leave to kick some kid butt!!
And if Rhian would have say that, she wouldn't have use you!

Roscoe James said...

Was that you, Dalin'? Damn, I guess I was. Well, drunk. How far along did you get? Maybe we can do that when I'm sober. I'm sure it will be ohhhhhh sooooooo much more fuuuuuuuuuuun. EFG

Jill said...

I'll think about it!! But then I only read L'Odisé(still mispealling even in french!!)