Friday, November 23, 2007

The Entity - AMP Flash Fiction Friday

Something from the darker side. An excerpt from The Entity. Not for the faint of heart.

Copyright 2007 Roscoe James

Scanner Bob was also walking arm in arm with evil that night.

No rest for the weary he thought. The twins had been very entertaining. As promised, they’d kept him up all night. The sun was just beginning to permeate the dilapidated motel room as he gathered his tools, stuffed them in his duffle bag and headed out the door.

He’d made many trips to the old rusty dumpster during the night. He could see that more dogs had materialized and were sniffing around the wheels and licking something red that dripped steadily through rusty holes along the front.

Both bound and gagged, they'd still thought it was all part of the game when he'd pulled out the knives and started cutting clothing away from their bodies. He'd even smiled and played along and whispered a constant litany of profanities and lustful promises in their ears.

Pauline had passed out when the first cut was made. Paula hadn’t. Considering it was Paula that first received Bob’s undivided attention, the pain kept her eyes open wide as Pauline came and went, opening her eyes long enough to see the changes Bob was making in her sister before straining against the duct tape and passing out again.

Feeling a need for praise from his Mistress, Bob flipped open his phone and hit the speed dial.

The male voice that answered surprised him sending a small shiver of jealousy up his spine; his immediate thought was that his mistress was breaking in a new one. Someone to take his place.

“This is the FBI. Who’s calling this number?” promptly Bob folded his phone shut, dropped it in the dusty gravel and stomped it several times with the heel of his bloody shoe until he was sure it was unsalvageable by anyone that might happen by and pick it up.

Resolve was quick to settle in. No important, he decided. No matter what, he would carry out the wish of his mistress.

Dropping the duffle bag behind the driver’s seat, Bob slid behind the steering wheel, started the engine and headed west.

He felt a rush of exhilaration. With no leash pulling, he felt changed. He felt he was moving up. He’d learned so much from the twins. He’d peeled away so many layers to find their sensitive spots. Maybe it was time for him to become the master.

With a chuckle, he thought just how much he’d learned about bending Tammy to his will. About peeling back her layers one cut at a time.


Anonymous said...

wow!!! daaaaaark! great FFF!!!

Celia Kyle said...

*shiver* Bob... Bob is a scary one.

Jill said...

Is he the hero?? Is he the bad guy?? Is he both?? Me lost!!

Rhian said...

oh oh oh! RJ!!!!!!
GAWD - i would have to have read that while in the middle of eating.
ummm - so not hungry now.

Roscoe James said...

He's the bad guy. C'mon drama queen, I didn't say a thing about when he takes the ice pick... wait, maybe I shouldn't give the plot away. :D

Roscoe James said...

But keep in mind... the book does have an HEA. Lol.

LakotaPrincess said...

Mmmmm - sounds like my kinda guy. Manly, clever, strong, able to make snap decisions under pressure.
Okay, that that whole serial killer psychosis thing might be a slight problem for a long term relationship...